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[random]describe your ichiban in three words~

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1 [random]describe your ichiban in three words~ on Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:45 pm

yay! second topic post!
its simple., describe your ichiban in three words that best describes them (which the others will also agree (--,))...and then state why (^^,)

Ueda Tatsuya in three words:

  1. Mysterious - because he usually hides what he usually thinks or feel behind those silent facial expressions... he tends to keep those in his self with the fear that he might offend others in the process if ever he express it vocally...
  2. Pretty - wahahahaha, i don't know, i can't categorize him as beautiful (that title belongs to Akame)...
  3. Fairy - because of the line "I see fairies"....

ei~ come on, share what's yours~ everything here is free!

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Yamada Ryosuke in 3 words:
1. Cool
2. Hott
3. Cute
No need to explain. It`s already self explanatory. LOL

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NAKAJIMA YUTO in 3 words:

Like a Star @ heaven bully (mhilig daw mgbully wehh?!psaway! xD)

Like a Star @ heaven ting-ting (obviously..ang PYATOT
)*lkas manlait ng ichiban wehh?!^^

Like a Star @ heaven cute (khit pyatot xa..ang cute niah!
KYAAAAH~ Embarassed )


pnckot-ckot lng ang explanation wehh..
msveh lng ng-explain!?
BWAHAHA!!! Very Happy

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